40% of iPhone users would consider buying an iPhone SE 3

The percentage is enough to make Apple dizzy. According to a SellCell survey of 2,549 adult US citizens, 40% of iPhone users (all models combined) would seriously consider buying an iPhone SE 3, the new iPhone model SE that Apple will undoubtedly reveal during the keynote on Tuesday, March 8! Of this panel of potential buyers of the iPhone SE 3, 24% would plan to make it their main smartphone, and 16% their secondary smartphone. More surprisingly, 10.9% would buy the SE 3 for a child, 10.2% for their life partner, and 7.8% for a grandparent or other family member. Is the iPhone SE the ultimate “gift” iPhone?

iPhone SE 2020 Official Front Back Red vs White vs Black

For the majority of potential buyers, the main purchasing factor for the SE 3 remains its price, followed by the 5G connection (15.2%), the more compact form-factor (11.3%) and even the presence of a Touch ID button for 6.7% of users surveyed! iPhone SE 3 buyers would currently use an iPhone 11 at 11.5%, followed by the iPhone XR (6.8%), the iPhone 12 (6.7%) and a multitude of different models (from iPhone 6 to the current iPhone 13 Pro Max).

On the other hand, concerning users who do not wish to obtain this device in the more or less near future, 66.2% of these say that they are perfectly satisfied with their current model, 9.3% rather expect the launch of the ‘iPhone 14/14 Pro, 4.1% believe that the screen of the SE is too small, and 3% all round believe that the mobile is not upscale enough.

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