50% commission? Apple calls Facebook a hypocrite

Apple does not miss the opportunity to respond to Meta, which recently announced a commission of almost 50% for purchases made within its metaverse.

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Indeed, Meta plans to withhold a 47.5% commission from developers for purchases of digital assets made within the Metaverse, all after complaining for years about Apple’s 30% commissions on the Metaverse. App Store.

The 47.5% fee includes a 30% hardware fee plus a 17.5% platform fee. In response to the move, Apple spokesman Fred Sainz told MarketWatch that Facebook is just being hypocritical because, while complaining about App Store platform fees, it wants to charge its creators even more.

“Meta has repeatedly targeted Apple for charging developers a 30% fee for in-app purchases in the App Store and has scapegoated small businesses and creators at all times.

Now, Meta is trying to charge those same creators way more than any other platform. Meta’s announcement reveals the company’s hypocrisy. This shows that while they are trying to use Apple’s platform for free, they are taking money from creators and small businesses using theirs. »

Facebook and the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, have repeatedly called the App Store and its commissions a “anti-competitive and monopolistic”.

As a reminder, Zuckerberg said in June 2020 that Facebook would make paid online events, subscriptions, badges and other products free for creators until 2023, after which the company would announce a commission. “less than 30% that Apple and others take”. It hasn’t been announced yet but, at least as far as the “metaverse” is concerned, Zuckerberg’s promise of a lower discount than Apple’s has already been broken.

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