87% of American teens have an iPhone

American teens almost all have an iPhone in their pocket. This observation, almost surreal seen from France, was still relevant at the end of the year 2021. The analysis company Piper Sandler has thus calculated (study of 10,000 participants) thatabout 87% of American teens (Gen Z) had an iPhone, i.e. an additional percentage point compared to the previous quarter. 88% of these same teens want their next phone to be an iPhone too (minus one percentage point). In other words, Apple has taken over an entire generation and it is likely that a significant number of these young people will Apple Users will remain in the Apple ecosystem once they reach adulthood.

iPhone Teen US pdm

Other figures are particularly telling. Thus, 15% of US teens say they intend to buy (or have themselves bought) an Apple Watch in the next 6 months, or 2 percentage points more than in the spring of 2021. The Apple Watch is d ” the model preferred by teenagers (39%), ahead of the classic Rolex (35%). Overall, 30% of young Americans own an Apple Watch, compared to 25% in spring 2021. Even Apple Pay is favored by Gen Z: 35% of people questioned say they have used Apple’s payment system in the past month (against 22% for PayPal and 4% for Google Play).

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