“911”, the advertisement that explains why the Apple Watch can save your life

Apple has shared two new videos dedicated to certain features of the Apple Watch and the iPhone.

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The first video dedicated to the Apple Watch Series 7 is called “911” and shows how the smartwatch can help people contact emergency services during emergency or danger situations. The video shows us how three people contacted 911 using Watch in complicated situations where it was very difficult or impossible to use the iPhone to make the call. For example, Amanda called for help because her car overturned and started to fill with water.

The video shows us the original phone calls from these three people, all rescued within minutes by the rescue. “These are just three of the many amazing stories from people who have received help after using their Apple Watch”, Apple writes in the description of the video.

Apple therefore emphasizes that the smartwatch can help save lives in an emergency and on all those occasions when the user does not have access to their iPhone, because on the Apple Watch it is possible to easily dial the number. relief in any country. To activate the Emergency SOS feature, simply press and hold the Apple Watch side button until the SOS screen is displayed and keep pressing until the countdown begins with a sound. warning. Alternatively, you can also drag the SOS slider.

Obviously, if you don’t have an Apple Watch Cellular, your iPhone should always be nearby in order to make the call.

The second video is dedicated to the iPhone and compatibility with eSIMs in order to use two numbers on the same smartphone. In the customer support video, Apple explains in detail how to use the Dual SIM feature on supported iPhones. Cellular data is limited to using one line at a time. Whichever line is selected for cellular data, the other line will be used for voice calls. If you want to use the internet during a call, you need to enable the “Allow Cellular Data Switching” feature in the iPhone settings. Apple reminds you that you can also select a favorite line for each contact by tapping the option in the appropriate tab of the address book. For all other contacts, iPhone will default to the default line to make this one-time call.

Since iPhone XS 2018 it is possible to use one eSIM and one physical SIM, while with the iPhone 13 range it is also possible to use two eSIMs instead of one physical SIM and only one. eSIM.

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