A ceramic MacBook? Here is the Apple patent

Over the years, the Cupertino-based company has explored many solutions from a construction point of view, using various more or less valuable building materials. After the Watch, Apple may also bring ceramic to the MacBook in the future.

Ceramic MacBook, Apple patent

This is suggested by a new patent filed by Apple, a patent that also offers us a glimpse of very interesting technological solutions. In fact, the patent shows the presence of certain touch solutions arranged on the surface of the product, a sort of button/display hybrid made through tiny perforations in the chassis. All obviously with the aim of showing information only when necessary, in order to be invisible in other contexts.

Apple seems very interested in ceramics, considered a good alternative to current building materials. As always, it is difficult to understand what the plans of the Cupertino company are. Indeed, remember that patents are not always synonymous with a product on the horizon. We will not fail to return to the subject if this patent will be updated or if there is new information concerning a ceramic MacBook.

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