A man saved from extreme cold thanks to an automatic emergency call from his Apple Watch

Did you know ? L‘Apple Watch saves lives, and the best part is that it’s not even an advertising slogan. There are countless stories in which people escape almost certain death thanks to Apple’s toquante. Today’s story could have ended much more dramatically: as an unprecedented cold snap hit the eastern seaboard of the United States, the Clayton County Emergency Communications Center in Georgia ( USA) received an emergency call indicating only a GPS position.


Intrigued, the agent of the emergency communications center sends to the indicated position a team of the fire department of Morrow as well as a police vehicle. On the spot, the intervention team finds nothing but decides all the same to inspect the perimeter. It was the right choice: after only a few minutes of searching, the rescuers discovered a man lying on the ground, barely conscious and above all shivering with cold. The man was immediately taken to hospital and was released in good health two days later.

Note here that only 12 minutes passed between the automatic emergency call from the Apple Watch (which was triggered when the man fell to the ground) and the arrival of help. Morrow emergency services believe that without a quick response from the emergency services, the man would probably have perished from the cold.

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