A new Mac Studio is coming, but what will it be?

Apple is reportedly ready to launch a new Mac Studio in the desktop environment, likely in the guise of a Mac mini. But will it be an improved version of the Mac mini or a mini version of the Mac Pro?

mac pro mac studio

The transition from Intel to Apple Silicon is almost complete, given that this year we will see a wide range of new Macs with processors made by Apple, but it is interesting that the editors of 9to5Mac have become aware of a new product line, the so-called mac studio.

The Mac Studio, from what we’re starting to learn, should be based on the Mac mini but come up with much more capable hardware. At the moment, there are even two versions of the Mac Studio in development (code name J375): one with the M1 Max chip and one with an even more powerful chip than the M1 Max which has not yet been publicly unveiled. .

The introduction of a new line of desktop computers would fill the gap between iMac / Mac mini and Mac Pro and could represent an extremely attractive category for advanced users who do not have the extreme needs of those who choose the line “ Pro” but do not want to settle for the “basic” chips of the iMac M1.

The future Mac Pro with Apple chips should be able to count on 40 CPU cores and 128 GPU cores, extremely powerful features, while this Mac Studio could represent an Apple Silicon version of the high-end Mac mini still available on the market with Intel architecture. In addition, this new Mac Studio would be ready to be associated with the new Apple Studio Display, still in development according to rumors.

Will we see these new features during the March 8 event? Probably not and we will have to wait for WWDC in June but we won’t go too far because Apple could surprise everyone with some surprise announcements.

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