A tool to update AirPods exists, but not for the public

Forcing the update of AirPods will be possible using a dedicated tool. But this one will unfortunately not be available to the public. Indeed, it will be reserved for Apple Stores and Apple authorized repair centers, reveals Stella Fudge.

A tool to update AirPods exists, but not for the public

Updating AirPods with a Tool is Possible

With this tool, technicians will be able to download the latest AirPods update when performing a repair. Everything will depend on the scenario in reality. The tool will be used when one of the two headphones has failed to update automatically, the customer is using a product that does not run on iOS (Android smartphone, PC, etc.) or the customer has received spare headphones which have an older version than the problematic AirPods.

It makes you wonder why Apple does not offer such an option within the Settings app on iOS. It is already possible to easily update your iPhone or iPad, why not do the same with AirPods? In the meantime, technicians have so far used the following method to try to force the update to download:

  • Make sure AirPods are within Bluetooth range of their iOS, iPadOS, or macOS device
  • Listening to music or other audio content with AirPods for at least 30 seconds
  • Put the AirPods back in the charging case and close the cover
  • Connect the charging case to a power source via Lightning
  • Wait 30 minutes and above all do not open the case during this period otherwise you will have to start over

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