After damning testimonies, Foxconn’s Indian factory will reopen on Wednesday

After the many damning testimonies of employees and ex-employees, the Foxconn located in India had to stop iPhone production under pressure from Apple. The appalling working conditions described in these testimonies aroused the indignation of observers and resulted in wildcat strikes. After several weeks of negotiations with the employees and, one can suppose it, of big improvements made to the living environment of these same workers, it seems that the factory is again ready to reopen its doors.

Foxconn workers

Let us recall here that nearly 300 workers of this factory had suffered from food poisoning because of the spoiled food, that some toilets did not even have drinking water, or even that the lack of beds in crowded dormitories had forced some employees sleep on the floor! Despite this reopening, Apple specifies that the factory is still under probation, which means that Cupertino will no doubt no longer let pass a single pellet from its main supplier. “The workers will start to come back gradually as soon as we are sure that our standards are met in every dormitory and dining room” Apple said in a press release.

For its part, Foxconn specifies that it has set up a system for reporting “complaints” from workers, who will be able to report anonymously to plant managers any concerns they may still encounter on a daily basis. Foxconn’s Indian factory assembles iPhone 12s and iPhone 13s.

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