after the rag at 25 €, here is the Thunderbolt cable at 150 €

Apple introduced on March 8, 2022 the Mac Studio and the Studio Display. To connect these two products, the firm recommends the purchase of the new “Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable”. Its price: 149 or 179 euros depending on the length chosen. An exorbitant price that reminds us of the famous cloth at 25 euros and the Mac Pro roller kit at 849 euros.

apple cable thunderbolt 4

Apple has never been an “affordable” brand. Whether in the telephony, computer or audio market, the American firm has always asserted its premium positioning, explaining that a quality product has a certain commercial value. If this positioning is understandable for smartphones or laptops, this speech is less easy to defend when it comes to accessories.

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On several occasions, Apple has unveiled very expensive products to accompany its iPhones, Macs or iPads. Remember the roller kit for the Mac Pro. It is four small wheels, very nice moreover, sold 849 euros. That is the price of an iPhone 13 Mini. And it installs on the Mac Pro released in 2019.

Another example ? Apple’s cloth, the famous accessory made from microfiber. It allows you to clean a screen without risk of scratching. We showed in a video that it is no more effective than a cloth offered with a pair of glasses. Find this document at the end of this article.

Apple sells a Thunderbolt 4 cable at 179 euros!

Last night Apple introduced four new products and a new processor, the M1 Ultra. The four products are iPhone SE (2022), 5th generation iPad Air, Mac Studio and Studio Display. To connect these last two, Apple has added to its catalog of accessories a new product called ” Thunderbolt 4 Pro Cable “. This is a “simple” Thunderbolt cable (USB type-C compatible, of course). It comes in two sizes, 1.8 meters and 10 foot. And the price ? 149 euros for the first and 179 euros for the second.

To explain this price, Apple explains its cable is made of braided nylon, making it extremely resistant to bending and twisting. It is compatible USB 4, Thunderbolt 4 and DisplayPort HBR3. It can thus transfer data to 40 Gbps and energy up to 100 watts power. Is it worth buying it? Surely not. Although the cable is certainly of excellent quality, it does not, in our opinion, offer satisfactory value for money. There are nylon Thunderbolt 4 cables under $30. So why pay five times more?

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