AirPods, Apple talks about the limits of bluetooth

AirPods have been a real hit for Apple in recent years. This success is also the result of a very varied range, able to offer the perfect solution for every user. Gary Geaves, Apple’s vice president of acoustics, spoke about AirPods in a recent interview with him.

AirPods, bluetooth

At What HiFi, the executive spoke about AirPods with Eric Treski, a member of the Product Marketing team. One of the focal points highlighted is Bluetooth connectivity, which is much debated as a real bottleneck in terms of bandwidth. As we all know, Apple line audio products are unable to reproduce the highest quality uncompressed audio through Bluetooth, obviously due to its limitations.

Geaves did not openly criticize bluetooth but expressed himself thus on the issue of bandwidth:

“Wireless technology is essential for the distribution of audio content. We need to strive to get the most out of Bluetooth as possible, and there are a number of useful tips to maximize or work around some of the limitations of Bluetooth. But it’s fair to say we’d like more bandwidth and… I’ll stop there. We would like more bandwidth. “

Geaves went on to talk about the design of the AirPods 3:

“We started by taking a very close look at the highlights of the early AirPods and know a lot of people like the open shape, which is designed to sit comfortably on the ear. It’s what people love, but it creates challenges for the audio team. “

You can read the entire interview on the What HiFi site.

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