AirPods Pro 2: Apple to increase component orders in preparation for launch

The demand for the‘AirPods is still at a very high standard, and unsurprisingly, Apple is already preparing the ground for the next models. If we are indeed to believe the good sources of DigiTimes, the Cupertino company would have significantly increased its orders of components in the perspective of the launch this year of AirPods Pro 2. The marketing of intras would however not be expected until the very end of 2022 (Q4), but Apple would prefer to anticipate by ordering all the components necessary for its production.

AirPods Pro 2

As a reminder, the various leaks on the AirPods Pro suggest that the accessory should be more compact, accompanied by a slightly thinner case (46 x 54 mm against 45.2 x 60.6 mm), and offered with a noise reduction system (ANC) more conclusive than the previous model. Apple was also working on a significant increase in autonomy. As for the price, it should remain around 279 euros, which is already quite expensive.

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