AirTag: people are being followed, New York police urge to be careful

Apple AirTags allow you to know the location of an object, but some use it to track people without their knowledge. This scenario seems to be more and more frequent and the New York State Police urge to be careful.

AirTag: people are being followed, New York police urge to be careful

Misuse of Apple’s AirTag

Police report two recent cases. The first concerns a woman who says she received a notification on her iPhone indicating that an AirTag was near her when she was moving. She went to a police station to tell her story. Police officers checked his car and it turned out that there was an AirTag hidden behind the bumper.

This week, another woman had a similar story. Her iPhone also warned her that an AirTag was regularly found near her. Police officers thoroughly checked his car and were unable to locate Apple’s tracker. He disconnected shortly after, so police aren’t sure if the AirTag was on the car or if it was something else.

The police do not believe the two events are linked and say there is no reason to panic, but they want to raise awareness. Anyone who receives a similar alert on their iPhone is invited to call 911, which is the emergency number in the United States.

As it turns out, the local police are in contact with Apple and are asking for information in an attempt to find out the identity of the person seeking to follow other people. If found, that person can be charged with a misdemeanor.

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