AirTags: Apple publishes a privacy guide and several American states want to fight against abuses

It’s a simple observation: AirTags are found more and more often in the category of news items. Used to steal cars, harass people or even pierce, AirTags have become the trendy little gadget for some thugs, all the more trendy as the price of the widget remains very affordable (even more so for an Apple product). Faced with the multiplication of these crimes, Apple has decided to act at its level by publishing a guide to security and confidentiality intended for “anyone concerned or victim of abuse, stalking or technological harassment”. Apple thus provides some advice for tracking down trackers and spotting an AirTag in the near field (via the Locate app for example).


Some American states have decided to bang their fists on the table. Thus, in Pennsylvania, a bill (not yet signed) directly targets the criminal diversion of AirTags, which could be punished by a prison sentence depending on the seriousness of the objectives pursued. The only permitted use of AirTags would ultimately remain the location of the property of the user and owner of the AirTag, and nothing else.

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