AirTags: New York prosecutor warns people of possible abuse

The AirTags ofApple are small, inexpensive, and work well (the reverse would have been surprising on Apple’s part), too well perhaps since since the launch of the accessory, there has been a multiplication of news items involving malicious misappropriation of primary use of AirTags. The cases of abuse are so numerous that the New York Prosecutor Letitia James has even just stepped up to warn her fellow citizens and also remind the less honest that the offenses observed remain severely punished by law.


“Across the country, Apple AirTags are being misused to track people and their belongings with intent to harm them” recalls Letitia James in her press release, which adds again: “Stalking people without their knowledge or consent is a serious crime and will not be tolerated by my office”. Further, the prosecutor urges New Yorkers to check their belongings on the move and to file a complaint as soon as a crime is observed.

The Prosecutor’s press release is accompanied by links that point to Apple’s support pages devoted to AirTags and to various information relating to personal safety. Finally, note on this subject that Apple is actively preparing an update to AirTags which should greatly limit the risk of being tracked without its knowledge via the location of the accessory.

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