All-glass iMac, here’s the new Apple patent

Two years later, Apple published a new patent dedicated to an all-glass iMac with integrated keyboard and trackpad.

iMac glass, Apple patent

The design of this iMac is made of a single sheet of glass, but in Apple’s new patent the company clarifies that some sections can be painted or coated in some other way.

“The glass housing could be made of transparent materials, coated, painted or otherwise treated to produce a non-transparent (eg opaque) component; in such cases, the material can still be referred to as transparent, even though the material may be part of an opaque component. Translucent components can be formed by providing a textured or frosted surface on an otherwise transparent material (eg clear glass). Translucent materials, such as translucent polymers, translucent ceramics or the like, can also be used. “

Three things emerge from the new patent. The first is that while the iMac is made up of a single pane of glass, there may be a way to adjust the angle of the screen. In practice, the glass plate is configured to move relative to the support structure, so as to offer different viewing angles.

The second is that, compared to the previous patent, the keyboard and trackpad are not fixed but can be moved forward and positioned freely. Finally, the screen can be detached from the case and offer another user experience via the touch screen.

What do you think of this patent?

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