Alternative payments on the App Store, South Korea not happy with Apple’s plans

According to the South Korean Communications Commission (KCC), Apple’s plans to allow developers to use alternative payment methods in their apps lack concrete details.

Alternative payments, South Korea, App Store

In August, South Korea passed a law prohibiting app store operators from requiring developers to use their own in-app purchase systems. Last month, Apple unveiled its KCC compliance plans that would allow apps from the South Korean App Store to use third-party payment methods. Apple’s proposal requires the company to always charge a fee for all purchases made, even with alternative and third-party payment methods, but specific details have not yet been shared.

For this reason, the KCC wants Apple to provide more concrete details about its proposal. Additionally, the Commission is not satisfied that Apple and Google are still considering charging fees for purchases made with third-party payment methods, as such fees would incentivize developers to stick with the current payment systems on offer. by both companies.

“We look forward to working with KCC and our developer community on a solution that benefits our Korean users”Apple said in a statement about the new law. “Our work will always be guided by keeping the ‌App Store‌ a safe and trusted place where our users can download the apps they love”.

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