Americans trust Google more than Apple when it comes to data

The results show that 44% of respondents trust to leave data with Apple, compared to 48% for Google and 53% for Amazon.

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The Washington Post survey drew attention to the disconnect felt by many consumers between the companies they trust and the products they use.

The report highlights how most Americans use iPhones and iPads, shop on Amazon, and spend hours on Facebook and TikTok. Despite this, these companies barely achieve 50% of consumer confidence. This means that the average user does not trust the companies or the people who manage them when it comes to privacy, but cannot help but use their products.

Many responded that they couldn’t avoid using certain devices or services, despite some doubts about how companies use data. As for Apple, 44% of those polled said they trusted the company, while 40% said no. And 16% provided no response.

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