Anti-trust: the Apple Car would worry the regulator … even before its presentation!

L’Apple Car The regulator and certain associations (like the EFF) have not yet come out that are worried about possible anti-trust abuses. The possibility of an agreement between Apple and an automobile manufacturer could even prove to be more “problematic” than the option of an Apple Car entirely designed by Apple from A to Z. In the sights of the regulator, the risk of seeing to create a form of duopoly, a duopoly which would be put in place all the more quickly if the auto-partner manufacturer would already benefit from the confidence of consumers. A recent agreement between Google and Ford would already be a big cause for concern because of the risks of the rapid emergence of a giant in the auto sector crushing everything in its path.

Apple Car Concept

The other concern in sight is the powerful Apple ecosystem, a pitfall pointed out by Trendacosta, associate director of “politics and activism” at EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). The latter believes that Apple could end up taxing any service integrated into the Apple Car or repairs to the vehicle (at an authorized repairer of course). Apple’s about-face on the right to repair the iPhone, however, calls for a certain caution on these subjects …

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