App Store: new customization options for developers

Apple announced that developers can now promote their apps on the App Store with personalized product pages through the Apple Search Ads platform.

App Store, Apple Search Ads

With this new feature, developers will be able to create multiple versions of an advertisement to display in App Store search results. Each app can have up to 35 additional versions of the product page on the App Store, and these versions can be converted into different variations of the search ads on the App Store.

“With custom product pages, you can create up to 35 additional versions of the product page on the App Store to display different app features, content, or promotions. And now, new integration with Apple Search Ads lets you easily use these pages to create custom ad variations on the App Store. »

In practice, users will see different versions of the same ad for an app that offers alternative screenshots or videos. In this way, the developer can target advertising to different user groups based on various parameters. More details on this new feature are available on the Apple Developer site.

Apple also said that Xcode Cloud, the platform that allows developers to speed up the development process by running automated tests and other cloud-based activities, will leave private beta and become public beta. for more people. In the coming weeks, access to Xcode Cloud will be extended to many other developers, pending the final version which could come at the end of 2022.

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