App Store not compliant, Holland fines Apple again

The Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has again fined Apple an additional five million euros for failing to meet its requirements regarding alternative payment systems for dating apps.

App Store, Holland Apple

This is the fourth week in a row that the ACM has fined Apple, with the total penalty now amounting to 20 million euros. In a press release, the ACM said Apple’s requirement that dating app developers must submit separate apps in the Netherlands from other countries if they wish to offer alternative payment systems is “unreasonable and disadvantageous”.

Apple has also fixed other stakes that the authorities do not like, so much so that the company has again been fined. The ACM will continue to fine Apple five million euros per week, up to a maximum of €50 million, or until the company is in full compliance with the regulations.

Apple filed an appeal against the ACM order, arguing that alternative payment systems in the App Store pose risks to customer privacy and security. Apple also said it would not be able to help customers with refund requests, subscription management and other issues encountered when purchasing digital goods and services through alternative systems.

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