Apple accused of selling faulty Apple Watches that are dangerous for wearers

Apple is accused of marketing defective Apple Watches. According to a complaint filed in California, the battery in some models suffers from a serious design flaw. This defect risks damaging the screen and endangering the wearers of a connected watch.

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This Thursday, December 9, 2021, a collective complaint was filed against Apple in a California court. According to the complainants, the Apple Watch, the brand’s connected watch, represents a hidden threat to user security. All models in the range, from the Watch 0 and the recent Apple Watch Series 7 to the Apple Watch Series 4, are the subject of the complaint.

Apple Watch does not have enough internal space to house, says class action a swelling battery. Indeed, it happens that the batteries of certain watches, in particular the first models marketed, start to swell after a few years of use.

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The Apple Watch would represent a danger for wearers

The battery then dislodges the touch screen from the structure. Apple technicians must then replace the AMOLED panel as part of a free repair program. In some cases, buyers have gotten a newer Apple Watch in exchange. The complaint claims that this design flaw endangers users.

The cracked screen could injure the wearer of the Apple Watch with its sharp edges, advances the class action. The complaint assures that Apple could have avoided endangering its customers by increasing the space of the internal cabin of the watch. “’Apple has not allocated enough space inside the Apple Watch for it to expand freely without affecting the face of the screen”, regrets the lawsuit, which emphasizes that the manufacturer has not thought of any protection.

The appeal asserts thatApple is aware of battery design flaws of its smartwatches. “Apple failed to disclose that the watches contained the defect that would cause them to fail and pose an unreasonable danger to the safety of the wearer. This makes the watches unfit for the uses announced by Apple ”, tackle the complaint. The plaintiffs demand that Apple admit its wrongs. Unsurprisingly, they are also claiming damages and interest from the American firm.

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