Apple accused of using non-disclosure agreements against customers

The Washington Post reports that Apple not only used nondisclosure agreements against its employees, but also lied to investors and the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) about it.

Apple, non-disclosure agreements

Apple says it does not use nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) when workers want to report abuse or other illegal acts in the workplace. However, some sources say otherwise.

Over the past few months, the #AppleToo movement has uncovered some instances of workplace discrimination and harassment, with the company accused of doing little or nothing to curb these attitudes. Using NDAs to hide misconduct from investors, regulators, and customers is considered unethical and, in some cases, even illegal.

Today’s report explains that Apple used these nondisclosure agreements and even lied about them. The allegations could lead the SEC to open a formal investigation against Apple, as the company is accused of using NDAs to force employees not to speak publicly about workplace issues, also withholding such information from shareholders.

For the moment, Apple has not commented on the news.

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