Apple acquires AI Music, the platform that creates songs using artificial intelligence

Apple acquired AI Musica startup that has developed a platform capable of creating songs using artificial intelligence.

apple ai music

The acquisition was finalized in recent weeks. AI Music technology can create real songs using artificial intelligence and from existing royalties. Songs are dynamic and can change based on real-time user interaction. For example, a song may change pitch during playback depending on the intensity of the user’s workout. As the company explains on its website (now offline), AI Music can even create songs that match your heartbeat.

AI Music is at the forefront of exploring how artificial intelligence can change and adapt music. Quite simply, we believe music should be accessible and contextually relevant to both its creators and listeners. With our Infinite Music Engine and other proprietary technologies, we provide tailored solutions for marketers, publishers, fitness professionals, creative agencies and many more.

Music that adapts to your heartbeat, audio advertising that adapts to the context of the listener, a universal license in all formats… All this is possible and more, thanks to our cutting-edge research and a evolutionary internal development. »

Apple has not commented on the acquisition, and the amount paid to complete the deal is not known. We can expect AI Music technology to be leveraged both to enhance Apple Music, and perhaps to offer personalized melodies during Fitness+ workouts or to create real-time ambient sounds with HomePod.

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