Apple admits it: the option to stay on iOS 14 was always temporary

Bad news for those who hate iOS 15: Apple has announced that no new security updates on iOS 14 are wanted and the option not to update is only temporary.

ios 14 vs ios 15 update

In a statement released to Ars Tecnhica, Apple said the option to stay on iOS 14 and continue to receive security updates without having to update to iOS 15 was still meant to be temporary.

A few days ago we were already telling you about the lack of new security updates on iOS 14 since October, but it is only today that the official from Apple has arrived. It was therefore not a question of errors or omissions, but of a real choice of the company despite the declarations made on the occasion of the presentation of iOS 15, when Apple confirmed that it would publish security updates for users who preferred to sit still on iOS 14. This option was only temporary, however.

Now all devices with iOS 14.8 or earlier OS versions cannot be upgraded to iOS 14.8.1. In fact, if you try to update, the only alternative is to install iOS 15.2.1. Previously, iOS 15 was presented as an optional update, while users could simply install iOS 14 security patches, as Apple itself has confirmed:

“You can upgrade to the latest version of iOS 15 to get the latest features and the most comprehensive set of security updates. Or continue on iOS 14 and receive important security updates until you’re ready to upgrade to the next major release. »

At the time, Apple did not say it was a temporary option, so there remains some doubt as to the real reasons that led the company to make this decision. A way to increase the adoption rate of iOS 15, which is below the average of other major updates?

In fact, iPhone and iPad users who want the latest security updates will need to install iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

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