Apple and Disney could have merged under the leadership of Steve Jobs

Bob Iger, outgoing Disney chairman, once again said that Apple and Disney would have completed a merger if Steve Jobs had still been alive.

Apple, Disney, Steve Jobs, Bob Iger

In an interview with CNBC, Bob Iger said the two companies would surely have completed a merger if Apple was still run by Steve Jobs. The former CEO of Disney is convinced that Apple and Disney have teamed up to create a series of joint initiatives, probably also and especially related to video streaming.

Although he and Steve Jobs never really broached the issue, Iger says if Apple’s co-founder was still alive, the merger would have been completed in a matter of years. Steve Jobs has always loved the idea of ​​combining Apple’s “great technology” with Disney’s “great creativity”. It is not the first time that Iger has raised this possible merger between Disney and Apple, also because Steve Jobs himself has been interested in the question on several occasions, but has never discussed it with Iger.

Iger himself had to step down from Apple’s board when the two companies launched Disney + and Apple TV + in 2019, but he has remained on excellent terms with current CEO Tim Cook.

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