Apple and Ericsson in court over patent dispute

Apple and Ericsson will meet in court over a major patent lawsuit filed by the Swedish company.

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In a court order found by Foss Patents, a judge ordered Apple and Ericsson to settle the legal dispute in front of a jury in June 2023. For the trial, both sides will have to follow the usual steps to find evidence and other potentials. elements that may be involved.

Ericsson filed a lawsuit against Apple a few months ago for allegedly infringing 5G wireless patents used in iPhones. Ericsson says Apple is trying to unduly reduce 5G royalty rates because the Cupertino company accuses the Swedish company of not licensing industry-standard essential patents at fair rates and because it makes unreasonable claims. . As no licensing agreement was reached, the two companies filed a series of lawsuits and counterclaims, arguing that each unfairly infringes the patents held by the other.

Ericsson is not asking for a ban on the sale of iPhones or other sanctions against Apple in this particular case, because the only demand is for fair payment for patent licenses. The cost is usually calculated “per device” and should be around $5 per iPhone sold. Apple opposes this request and in a year and a few months a jury will decide on this specific case.

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