Apple Announces Black Unity Braided Solo Loop Strap and New Watch Face

A new strap for the Apple Watch exists, it is the Black Unity Braided Single Loop strap. It’s on sale now and comes with a new dial called Lumières unity. This is available for free to everyone.

Apple Watch Black Unity Braided Single Loop Strap

A new strap for the Apple Watch

Here’s how Apple describes its Black Unity Braided Single Loop strap:

Designed by artists from the black community with the support of Apple teams to celebrate and highlight black history and culture, the Black Unity Braided Single Loop Bracelet is inspired by the philosophy of afrofuturism, which evokes the experience of the African diaspora through a narrative that combines science, technology and empowerment. It honors generations of visible and invisible black people, and symbolizes the need to make the world more equitable.

Inspired by the colors of the Pan-African flag, the bracelet features 16,000 recycled polyester filaments, crisscrossed around ultra-fine silicone threads using a high-precision braiding loom, then laser-cut to the desired length, for incomparable comfort. It is soft and textured to the touch. It is resistant to water and perspiration. This strap is complemented by the Lumières Unity dial, with light-emitting clock hands, which dynamically change throughout the day. The bindings feature the laser engraved Black Unity message.

The bracelet is available for purchase in a 41 or 45 mm version on the Apple Store online. Its price is 99 euros. Apple specifies in passing that it “supports organizations working for racial equity and justice”.

On the watch face side, anyone who has an Apple Watch Series 4 or newer can download it for free. Just go to this page from your iPhone for the download to be done.

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