Apple announces Collections and Time to Run for Fitness +

Apple today announced Collections and Time to Run for Apple Fitness +, as well as the extended Time to Walk and Artist Spotlight suites.

time to run for fitness 4 collections

Collections are sets of workouts and meditations from the Fitness + library, offering users a new way to stay motivated, stay consistent, and progress through their workouts. The Fitness + collections include a suggested plan to help users make intentional workout choices over a period of days or weeks to achieve their goals.

time to run for fitness 3 collections

The following six collections will be available at launch, giving users a set of goals to achieve:

  • 30 Day Basic Challenge
  • Improve your posture with Pilates
  • Perfect your yoga balance poses
  • Make your first run
  • Strengthen your back, stretch your hips
  • Relax to sleep better

In contrast, Time to Run is a new audio experience, similar to Time to Walk, designed to help users become better runners. Each episode of Time to Run focuses on a popular real-world running course in a famous or iconic location.

Fitness + instructors including Emily Fayette, Jamie-Ray Hartshorne, Sam Sanchez and Scott Carvin, as well as Cory Wharton-Malcolm, a new team running trainer, will give users tips and show relevant photos as they run , accompanied by energizing music. Each episode’s Apple Music playlist has been curated to match the intensity, position, and training style of each run.

time to run for fitness collections

Time to Run will launch with three episodes: London, with Cory Wharton-Malcolm as coach; Brooklyn, with Emily Fayette, and Miami Beach, with Sam Sanchez. In the following weeks, a new episode will be released every Monday.

Apple says Time to Run can be experienced indoors or outdoors with a treadmill. For Apple Watch users who use a wheelchair, however, Time to Run becomes Time to Run or Push, providing the option to start an “Outdoor Push Running Pace” run or workout.

time to run for fitness 2 collections

All these new features will be available from January 10 for Fitness + subscribers.

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