Apple announces ‘The Big Conn’ docuseries

The Big Conn is a four-part docu-series devoted to a news item which will arrive in May on Apple TV+, accompanied by a podcast which will be launched exclusively on Apple Podcast.

the big conn apple tv

“The Big Conn” will tell the story of former Eastern Kentucky attorney Eric C. Conn, known for defrauding the government of more than half a billion dollars in the biggest fraud case in social security in the history of the United States. A podcast related to the documentary will launch on Apple Podcast, delving into Conn’s scandalous lifestyle through exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes details.

‘The Big Conn’ will make its worldwide debut at the SXSW Film Festival, alongside other Apple TV+ content such as ‘Cha Cha Real Smooth’, ‘WeCrashed’, ‘They Call Me Magic’ and ‘Shining Girls’. The first two episodes will screen March 16 at the Paramount Theater. The series and podcast will officially launch on TV+ and Apple Podcast on May 5.

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