Apple asks users of incompatible Macs to install the update

macOS users who cannot install the latest update seem very annoyed by Apple’s untimely reminders. Indeed, while their Mac is too old to run Monterey, it still continues to receive notifications from the Cupertino company.

macOS Monterey

With each new update, several PCs that are too old or not powerful enough are deprived of installation. However inevitable, this observation caused a stir during the launch of Windows 11, in particular because of the TPM 2.0 chip affair. While it can sometimes be difficult for users to swallow the pill, it is even more so when the manufacturer mistakenly alerts them that the update is available.

This is indeed what happens to many users of MacBook Air mid-2013, MacBook Pro late 2013, iMac mid-2014, and MacBook early 2015. Unfortunately, they do not have access to the update macOS Monterey, which does not prevent Apple from sending them repeated notifications. Some then believed that their computer had joined the list of compatible devices. But no, it is simply an error of the Cupertino company.

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Apple absolutely wants all users to install macOS Monterey.

“Dear Apple, I think you know that my MacBook Air is quite old and Monterey is not supported. Why do you keep sending me these alerts? Please stop”written like this an annoyed user on Twitter. And we can understand it: if Monterey fixed some bugs on its arrival, the OS also comes with its share of disabling bugs.

Also, it’s still possible to install the update even if you don’t have a compatible Mac. This requires going through OpenCore Legacy Patcher, a software that specifically allows you to bypass system restrictions. However, we can’t really recommend this solution, as it presents many risks when you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Better to wait for Apple to solve the problem, therefore.

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