Apple blocks Foxconn factory in India after employee protests

Apple has decided to put the Foxconn plant in Chennai, India, on “probation” after the discovery of working conditions that do not meet the standards required by the company.

foxconn factory india d21

The Foxconn factory in Chennai was assembling the iPhone 12s before the suspension of operations requested by Apple. The company has decided to block the plant until the necessary changes are made to ensure better working conditions for all employees.

An Apple spokesperson released this statement to Bloomberg:

“Following recent concerns about food security and housing conditions at Foxconn Sriperumbudur, we sent independent assessors. We have found that some dormitories and dining rooms used for employees do not meet our requirements and we are working with the supplier to ensure that the required corrective actions are implemented quickly. “

Earlier this month, Foxconn had already closed the plant for days after protests from some 150 employees hospitalized with food poisoning. Apple now says the plant will remain on “probation” until all safety and quality standards required by the company are met.

Foxconn has apologized for the incident and said it will do everything to make the necessary changes and improve conditions for the workers. The company plans to restructure its management team in India and will continue to pay all employees during periods of inactivity.

These upgrades will include expanding living spaces, new kitchen facilities and potable water available to all employees. Foxconn did not specify when it plans to reopen the plant.

The interruption of work at the Foxconn factory in India is not expected to affect the availability of the iPhone 12 worldwide.

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