Apple can’t sell AirPods 3, orders down 30%

The AirPods 3 obviously do not meet the success expected by Apple. According to the informant Ming-Chi Kuo, specialist of the mark, the sales would be in free fall of 30%. According to him, this failure would be linked to a vague strategy on the part of the Cupertino company, which should release the Airpods 2 Pro within a few months.

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If Apple largely dominates the market for wireless headphones thanks to its AirPods, its omnipotence is increasingly challenged. With the arrival of new competitors and their often less expensive products, the firm has more and more difficulty in maintaining its leading position. Thus, by launching its AirPods 3 in October 2020, the manufacturer hopes to win back the hearts of its users. It looks like the operation was a failure.

On Twitter, Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo, to whom we owe numerous leaks that have proven to be correct, informs us that sales of AirPods 3 have fallen by more than 30% compared to last quarter. Still according to the latter, Apple would suffer the consequences of a “failed product segmentation strategy”which would have a direct impact on the marketing of AirPods 3, whose demand “is significantly lower than for AirPods 2″.

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Apple pays the price for a failed strategy for its AirPods 3

It’s hard not to understand the confusion on the users’ side. The AirPods 3 already released, AirPods 2 Pro are however on the way and should be released during the second half of this year. Ming-Chi Kuo also specifies that once available, Apple will withdraw the AirPods Pro from the market for “avoid making the same mistake again”. Meanwhile, the AirPods 2 are still available, obviously at a much lower price.

In addition to this fuzzy strategy, Apple suffered production problems following the war in Ukraine, which did not help it to increase sales. Finally, one last reason could explain this decline in popularity. Since the summer of 2021, wired headphones have gradually regained ground with younger generations, who prefer their casual style.

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