Apple Car and MR Viewer projects will bring AAPL stock to $ 200

Morgan Stanley analysts say Apple stock could hit $ 200 as we get closer to launching new products like a mixed reality headset and a self-driving car.

Apple Car, MR Viewer

As reported by CNBC, Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty believes Apple’s new products, such as mixed reality headsets or self-driving cars, are not yet in the context of Apple’s share price.

‚ÄúToday, we know that Apple is working on products to enter two very large markets – AR / VR and autonomous vehicles – and as we get closer to launching these innovations, we believe that the valuation of the title should reflect these future opportunities. “

AAPL shares are currently trading at around $ 169 per share, up almost 40% from last year. The 52 week high is 170.30 while the low is $ 116.21. If AAPL shares hit the price target of $ 200, they would set a new all-time high for the stock.

Huberty predicts that Apple’s mixed reality headset, which could arrive next year, is expected to generate similar revenue to the iPad. This first model should focus on games, media visualization and communication. The Apple Car, meanwhile, could be presented in 2025.

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