Apple Car screens shared with a Japanese supplier?

In January 2020, an Apple representative reportedly informed Japanese auto parts supplier Sanden of the future Apple Car, also sharing some screens of an electric vehicle.

apple car n21 2

As Nikkei Asia reports, an unidentified Apple representative spoke with supplier Sanden to share screens of an electric vehicle and, in particular, components for the air conditioner. Sanden is a leading Japanese company in the spare parts sector for automotive air conditioners, so much so that Apple wanted to choose it for the future Apple Car.

However, due to financial difficulties exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanden filed for debt restructuring with his creditors in June 2020, and talks with Apple would be put on hold.

While the news doesn’t provide more details on the talks between the two companies, it does pay tribute to Apple’s drive to make an autonomous electric vehicle, which could be released in 2025.

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