Apple celebrates Heart Month with a new business challenge and more

To celebrate Heart Month, Apple has activated a new Activity Challenge on Apple Watch and will lead a series of initiatives on the App Store and beyond.

apple heart month

Heart Month!

“We strongly believe that if you provide people with information about their health, you can change the trajectory of their well-being”said Jeff Williams, chief operating officer of Apple. “Keeping your heart healthy requires a holistic approach, which we’ve focused on since the first generation of Apple Watch with the inclusion of activity and workout apps, as well as heart rate. Today, people of all ages can use our products and services to learn more about how to stay healthy, achieve their personal goals, and do it in a fun way. »

The new activity challenge on Apple Watch dedicated to Heart Month plans to complete 30 minutes of the training ring today, February 14, to win a special prize and new stickers for iMessage. Additionally, starting today, Fitness+ will feature a special 30-minute energizing workout section that will motivate users to achieve their goals.

On the App Store, users will find a collection of heart health apps with information on heart rate and activity levels, such as HeartWatch, Gentler Streak and Zones. Apple Books will offer a collection of titles focused on heart health, including books on emotional well-being and healthy eating. Apple TV will dedicate a collection of movies and shows to heart disease and healthy lifestyles, while on the Apple Podcast listeners will be able to find a group of popular content in the Browse tab featuring medical experts who specialize in heart disease. cardiovascular illnesses.

Apple also shared a new preliminary analysis on the search. The Brigham and Women’s Hospital research team, in conjunction with the American Heart Association and Apple, analyzed more than 18 million workouts recorded via Apple Watch during the pandemic, noting that study participants performed active minutes mainly with workouts such as Walk, Bike and Run, and that participants aged 65 and older were more consistent in achieving the goal of at least 150 minutes of activity per week. Across all genders and age groups, participants with above-average levels of cardiovascular tone averaged more than 200 minutes of activity per week, while those with high levels of cardiovascular tone averaged more than 300 minutes per week.

Finally, for the month of February, Apple will also offer additional discounts in France to those who trade in their Apple Watch to buy a new model.

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