Apple collaborates with Google, Microsoft and Mozilla for browser interoperability

Apple is working with Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla to improve interoperability and user experience in web browsers.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, browser interoperability

The group is working on a new benchmark called Interop 2022who “will improve the web development experience in 15 key areas”. Alongside the makers of the major browsers, software consultants Bocoup and Igalia are also part of the group.

Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have decided to focus on 15 areas which will include cascading layers, color spaces and CSS color functions, new display units, scrolling and more. The project will focus on the four browsers concerned: Safari, Chrome, Edge and Firefox. The ultimate goal is to make web applications look and work similarly across different web browsers, which is currently not the case.

“For the first time ever, all major browser vendors and other stakeholders have come together to address key browser compatibility issues identified by web developers”reads a joint statement from the group.

“All of these technologies are important to Apple and to everyone working on WebKit. We care about improving the web and interoperable implementations of its standards”Apple said in a statement. “We welcome working with our colleagues at the many web standards organizations and Interop 2022 to make the web as interoperable as possible. »

This isn’t the first time browser makers have teamed up for a similar effort. In 2021, the four companies collaborated on a project called Fight 2021 which had similar but more technical objectives.

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