Apple confirms discontinuation of security updates with iOS 14

It’s over for iOS 14 security updates. Apple announces that its operating system will no longer be updated. Those who want the latest security patches should upgrade to iOS 15.

iOS 14 iOS 15

End of updates for iOS 14

Initially, Apple left the choice to users who could stay on iOS 14 and continue to have security updates, without having to upgrade to iOS 15. But this scenario is no longer relevant. Apple confirms to Ars Technica that there is no more follow-up with iOS 14 and that security updates will only be integrated in iOS 15. There is at least one positive point: all iPhones and iPads supporting iOS 14 are eligible for iOS 15.

Apple clarifies that it had planned from the start that the security updates with iOS 14 were temporary. The band hadn’t bothered to say so publicly until now. This behavior is in any case different from that with Macs where Apple offers security updates for the three latest operating systems (macOS Monterey, macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina in this case).

The latest iOS 14 update is iOS 14.8.1, it was released on October 26th. This version is no longer available for download, hence the transition now to iOS 15. The only version that can be installed is iOS 15.2.1.

According to the latest data from Apple, iOS 15 is installed on 63% of iPhones and 49% of iPads. This is down compared to iOS 14 more or less at the same time a year earlier.

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