Apple confirms that the update decreases the battery life of iPhones

Several iPhone users have complained that their smartphone battery is draining faster than usual since updating to iOS 15.4. Apple has recognized the problem, and has a rather surprising solution to offer you.

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Apple’s support team has responded to complaints that the latest iOS 15 update is causing iPhone batteries to drain faster. Indeed, after the iOS 15.4 update was rolled out, many users said on social media that the new version ruined their device’s battery life, but this problem would ultimately be normal according to Apple.

According to Apple’s support team, it’s normal for iPhone users to experience reduced battery life. This specifies in a message on Twitter that he ” It’s normal for your apps and features to need adjusting up to 48 hours after an update. If the problem persists after this time, contact us by DM so that we can help you solve it “. Apple’s solution to the problem is therefore quite simple, since it would suffice towait 48 hours for your iPhone to regain proper battery life.

iOS 15.4 drops the autonomy of some iPhones, and we may know why

In addition to adding its share of new features such as the ability to unlock your device with a mask, which comes in handy during a pandemic, iOS 15.4 update seems to have changed the behavior of some apps.

Indeed, users have noticed that their latest generation iPhone was much more fluid on certain third-party applications such as Instagram. After several tests, some realized that Apple had finally made applications compatible with the 120 Hz screen of its latest iPhone 13 Pro, which will be reused on the next iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. These had until now to be satisfied with a refresh rate capped at 60 Hz.

It is therefore not very surprising to see the most high-end models of Apple losing autonomy, since the 120 Hz frequency consumes much more than the 60 Hz. However, this does not explain the loss of autonomy observed in users of other models. Either way, Apple doesn’t seem to consider this to be a problem and so won’t be rolling out no patch to improve the autonomy of its iPhone.

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