Apple considered Face ID for the iMac M1

There is another feature that the revamped iMac M1 could have had, namely Face ID. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple considered adding Face ID to the new iMac M1 last year.

imac m1 face id

In reality, all of this should come as no surprise, given that as early as 2020, for example, Filipe Espósito of 9to5Mac reported that the macOS Big Sur beta suggested the hypothesis that Apple intended to introduce the recognition function facial on the Mac.

This confirms what was reported in the latest edition of Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman Power On newsletter. The journalist writes:

“Face ID was in the works for the iMac M1. Of course, the iMac is the Mac with the thicker built-in screen, since MacBooks have pretty thin screens. »

It is therefore unknown what prevented Apple from introducing this feature. As for Face ID on the MacBook, Gurman thinks the idea is pretty cool and says he won’t be expecting this feature anytime soon. Perhaps the company could introduce this feature on the next 27-inch iMac, which should be announced this year, or in a future model:

“Currently, the technology to integrate Face ID into thin MacBook screens does not exist. So if Face ID comes to the Mac, I think it will be on an iMac or an external monitor first. Apple has certainly been working on this, but only time will tell if it actually hits the market. »

Would you have liked an iMac with Face ID or would you prefer the Touch ID button on the Magic Keyboard?

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