Apple continues to dominate the US smartphone market

iPhones remain the most popular smartphones in the United States, with Apple dominating the market throughout 2021.

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Apple, best US seller of smartphones!

Data shared by Counterpoint Research tells us that Apple has captured more than half of the market for most of the past four quarters. The year started with 55% market share, then climbed to 50% or a little more in the following months and recorded a growth of 14% year on year. Similar figures also in the following quarters, with growth reaching 21% year-on-year.

Also excellent is the launch of the iPhone 13, which has consolidated Apple as the number one smartphone manufacturer in the United States. In the fourth quarter, the company achieved a market share of 56% (+10% over one year).

Samsung confirms itself as Apple’s closest rival, with a peak of 34% reached in the third quarter of 2021, which then fell to 22% in the following three months. According to analysts, Samsung “failed to restock its S21 series fast enough”which led to a decline in market share.

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