Apple could choose a Chinese supplier for the flash memories of the iPhone

Problems in Apple’s supply chain for memory chips used in the iPhone could lead the company to buy flash memory from a Chinese supplier for the first time.

iPhone flash memories, Apple, Chinese supplier

In recent years, Apple has moved to try to reduce – rather than increase – its dependence on China, but in this case the company would almost be forced to turn to a new Chinese supplier. .

Apple currently buys a large percentage of its iPhone storage chips from two cooperating Japanese companies: Western Digital and Kioxia. However, two of their factories were hit by an unspecified contamination issue last month, leading to a significant reduction in production.

For now, Apple has managed to compensate for this problem by increasing orders from Samsung and SK Hynix, but the incident has highlighted Apple’s overreliance on these two Japanese companies. For this reason, the leaders of Cupertino have decided to further diversify the production of flash memories for the iPhone.

As Bloomberg reports, Apple is considering for the first time the possibility of turning to a Chinese manufacturer for the supply of this component. It is Yangtze Memory Technologies based in Hubei, a company specializing in the production of flash memories. At the moment, the two companies are said to be in the early stages of negotiations.

However, the Yangtze deal could draw some criticism in the United States, given that relations between Washington and Beijing are at an all-time low over the Ukraine issue. An American company that invests in China at this time could be perceived negatively by the press and public opinion, in particular because the Chinese government is closely linked to the largest companies in the country.

For the moment, however, it seems that the Yangtze is still far from meeting Apple’s qualitative requirements, so that a deal could be reached at the end of the year, when the geopolitical situation may have calmed down. .

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