Apple defers some developer requests

Apple has postponed the arrival of new rules for developers that should have come into effect on January 31.

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During the first lockdowns of 2020, Apple allowed apps that offered real-time services to use payment methods other than those built into the app. This exception was introduced to help businesses trying to adapt to the pandemic and was due to end on January 31. As the COVID-19 situation is still as serious, Apple has decided to extend this exception until June.

The second rule that will be postponed to June concerns the deletion of user accounts. Apple wants apps to provide users with a quick and easy way to permanently delete all in-app accounts and associated data. The deadline for this implementation was scheduled for the end of January, but now Apple says it will give developers more time because “we recognize the complexity of this new feature”.

This isn’t the first time Apple has announced big changes for developers with lots of deadlines, then decided to postpone them to meet their demands.

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