Apple develops the Apple Music app for classical music

Following the acquisition of the classical music service Primephonic earlier this year, Apple continues to work on a new application dedicated to this genre.

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Apple already announced months ago that it bought the Primephonic streaming service and integrated it with Apple Music. Primephonic offers a listening experience designed for classical music lovers, with search and navigation features optimized specifically for this genre, as well as carefully selected tips and “contextual details about repertoire and recordings”.

Apple said that with the acquisition of Primephonic, Apple Music subscribers will have a better classical music experience. We started with Primephonic playlists, but the goal is to come up with a dedicated experience with improved browse and search capabilities by composer and repertoire, better classical music metadata and more. Additionally, the company has announced that it will launch an Apple Music app dedicated to classical music in 2022.

New rumors confirm that Apple is working on this application, which will offer a dedicated user interface and features such as Lossless and Spatial Audio. The company is also looking to hire a UX designer who will work on optimizing the user experience within this application, “to provide UX skills and new perspectives specifically designed for Primephonic.” The announcement explains that Apple is creating a distinct experience for classical music, including “visual, aural and tactile” aspects.

From the announcement, it looks like Apple doesn’t want to ditch the Primephonic brand with the launch of the new app, but the service was still taken offline on September 7 and is no longer available to new users. Former Primephonic subscribers received six months of free access to ‌Music.

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