Apple does everything to prevent you from changing the SSD

The storage medium of the Mac Studio, Apple’s latest desktop computer, is removable. But Apple does not allow replacing it with another model. An American YouTuber explains that the Cupertino company has created software protection that prevents the computer from starting if it is not equipped with its original module. A strategy that certainly aims to make Macs as airtight as iPhones and MacBooks.

Apple MacStudio

Two weeks ago, Apple presented several products. The iPhone SE 5G of which we published a complete test at the end of last week. The 5th generation iPad Air, taking advantage of an Apple M1 SoC. Or the Mac Studio, a particularly powerful desktop computer, thanks to its new M1 Ultra processor, which is twice as big as the M1 Max that you find in some Apple products from the end of 2021.

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The Mac Studio is a product aimed at professionals, especially those who work in the creative sectors: video editing, illustration, audio processing, 3D development, etc. It has 128 GB maximum unified storageas well as a storage space included between 1 TB and 8 TB. Some videos on YouTube have shown that, unlike MacBooks for example, the Mac Studio benefits from a removable storage module.

The Mac Studio displays SOS if it does not recognize its original storage module

Does that mean the Mac Studio can be fixed or improved over time? Not really. American YouTuber Luke Miani has posted two particularly interesting videos about storage. The first confirms that it is not not possible to change the storage module, even if it is an Apple-stamped module. She also tells us that Mac Studios include two slots for these modules. Corn only one allows to start the computer with its original storage module. If you try to relocate the module or swap modules, the Mac will send a message in Morse code: S.O.S..

The second video goes further. It confirms that a Mac cannot start without its original module because it is marked with a serial number recognized by the firmware. It is however possible to restore the system on another module if and only if the storage volume of the module is identical to the original configuration. A Genius Bar employee confirms that the module is not actually an SSD, but NAND memory support without a controller. And he explains that the Mac Studio only boots a Genius Bar can possibly print a serial number on a blank module if the original one is faulty.

You can find these two videos below. And we recommend them to you. Luke Miani expresses in his two videos a real frustration with the Mac Studio: Apple had the opportunity to offer a powerful computer that is more easily repairable and upgradeable.. But the firm preferred to lock the Mac Studio, at best for security reasons, at worst for basely financial reasons. Pity.

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