Apple does not provide its cloth with the Studio Display

The Studio Display is Apple’s new display. It starts at 1,749 euros, but you will have to do without the rag. Indeed, Apple does not provide it with the model at this price.

Apple Studio Display Front and Profile

No cloth with the basic Studio Display

On its site, Apple indicates that only the Studio Display with nano-textured glass, namely the model that costs 1,999 euros, is entitled to a cloth in the box. For those who take the standard model, you will have to buy the cloth separately. This one is sold for the tidy sum of 25 euros.

Such a price can make you smile, especially for such an accessory. And yet, success was there. Indeed, Apple posted a shortage of stock shortly after the marketing of the cloth. Everything is fine now, a copy ordered today will be delivered tomorrow. “Made of a non-abrasive, soft-touch material, the cloth cleans any Apple display, including nano-textured glass, effectively and safely”says Apple.

Apple Cloth

As a reminder, the rag made its debut with the Pro Display XDR screen. This costs 5,499 euros. Moreover, it was the only way to have the accessory, until Apple began to sell it separately.

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