Apple Executives Explain Why Everyone Should Be Using Apple Plans

Apple Plans Product Manager David Dorn and Design Manager Meg Frost gave an interview to CNN to explain the features of Apple Plans and why users should prefer it over other similar apps. .

apple plans d21

According to the two executives, with iOS 15, many improvements have arrived in Apple Maps, which makes it a better app than the alternatives of Google and Waze. For David Dorn, there are three main reasons why Apple Plans are the best choice:

  • Apple is investing heavily in Plans to improve it
  • Privacy is key and Apple does not track your location to collect data when using Apple Maps.
  • Plans is part of the Apple ecosystem and integrates well with other Apple devices and services.

With iOS 15, Apple added new 3D city details in some regions such as London, New York, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area. There are also navigation updates that add more detail to more complex exchanges. Frost said Apple wants to make the maps “safer and more visually pleasing to navigate.”

As for the 3D landmarks added in the update, each one is created by hand. “We select the amount of detail we deem appropriate and create a 3D mesh of the landmark of the building itself. And we apply it to the base map ”, Frost said during the interview.

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