Apple executives talk about Mac Studio and Studio Display

Apple executives Tom Boger, Shelly Goldberg, and Xander Soren again talked about the Mac Studio and the Studio Display.

Mac Studio, Studio Display

In an interview with TechCrunch’s Mattew Panzarino, Tom Boger, Vice President of Mac & iPad Product Marketing, Shelly Goldberg, Senior Director of Mac & iPad Product Design, and Xander Soren, Director of Product Marketing for Pro Apps, talked about some aspects unreleased Mac Studio and Studio Display.

Boger stressed the importance of adding a whole new line of products to the Mac lineup, something Apple hadn’t done in years.

“We expect a lot from Mac Studio for what it is, a whole new line of Mac products. Which is rare. We don’t add product lines to the Mac line very often. Our philosophy wasn’t at all to take a Mac mini and upgrade it, but rather “we know we’re working on this M1 Ultra chip and we want to bring it to users who want performance and a modular system. And let it live right on people’s desks.” And that’s what we’ve done. »

Boger went on to point out how Apple was able to squeeze so much I/O and performance into the Mac Studio, a device that’s a fraction of the size of the Mac Pro.

“We have the IO right up front, and even if you have to use the ports on the back, you just flip it over. It is relatively light; it is very small; suitable for most 3.7 inch height screens. We offer users something they never had before. They always had to compromise. If I wanted a smaller form factor computer, I had to compromise on performance. And what we wanted to do was give people something without limits. In fact, you can do things no other computer can, like 18 streams of 8k video or a huge 3D scene that takes up almost 128GB of video memory. »

For Studio Display, Boger and Goldberg said it was designed to be a consumer display for all Mac users, replacing the long-standing Thunderbolt display.

“We wanted it to be a great, very accessible, and very mainstream display for all of our Mac users. It’s a great display if you want to hook it up to MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, Mac Studio, Mac Pro, whatever. And we know there are still users out there who use Intel-based Macs, so by putting the A13 in there, we’re processing audio for Spatial Audio and making Center Stage magic a reality. »

And you, what do you think of these new Apple products?

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