Apple feels responsible for improving the health and well-being of users

Apple is working to change perceptions about health and fitness and make users more proactive about their wellbeing, says Apple VP of Health Sumbul Desai.

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In a recent interview, Dr. Desai said that Apple has a vested interest in keeping its users fit and healthy by offering products and services such as the Apple Watch and Apple Fitness+.

“One of the things we’re really focusing on is how to change the perception of health, because many people only think about health care when they’re sick, when they think about wellness and to physical fitness when they are well. A very important focus is how we combine these two elements, making it clear that health and well-being go hand in hand. Users can use our devices in truly unique ways, helping them improve both their health and their physique. And of that I am very happy.

Apple employees feel responsible for helping people get better by giving them more information about their health so they can be their best selves and live healthier lives. »

With the backing of CEO Tim Cook, who once said Apple might be remembered as impacting the health of millions of users, Sumbul Desai says the team can make it happen.

“We want to remind you that this is a very important goal and that health permeates every aspect of the work we do at Apple. Along with health services and Apple Watches, we want iOS to help users intentionally use their devices as tools to improve their health. Screen Time, for example, helps mental health and tries not to let users get too attached to devices.

To achieve these goals, we have subject matter experts, we have doctors who are really involved in the product development process, but we also work closely with our fellow engineers and design managers. »

As for the development of health-related features, Desai explains that future ideas can cover any aspect, adding that one of Apple’s priorities is to help solve clinical problems of all kinds: “What we’re always wondering is how can we really quickly validate the health functions that we’re proposing to perform. »

Once an idea is validated and can potentially be delivered, teams look at performance metrics and goals the feature should meet. In addition to using internal experts hired by Apple, the teams also work with external experts, for example to cover what doctors would do with information gleaned from the function Apple is working on.

Regarding privacy, Desai points to Apple’s great care even when the user chooses to share health data with their doctor: “We allow the user to have granular control to decide what to share and with whom, so we really want to put the user at the center to allow them to make the decisions they want without any risk. »

At the end of the interview, the Apple executive declares that health is something very precious and that the company takes this aspect seriously, working daily to offer new features to customers.

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