Apple France no longer sells iPhones with headphones

After the announcement of resellers like Fnac, it’s Apple’s turn to confirm the sale of iPhones in France without headphones. It is a reality now.

Apple Frnace Site iPhone Sold Without Headphones

More headphones included with iPhones in France

Fnac initially announced that iPhones would be sold without earphones from January 24. Today, Apple updated its French site to change the contents of the box and show that we find the iPhone (obviously) and the USB-C to Lightning cable. Yesterday, the site showed the image showing the presence of EarPods with Lightning connector.

Why does Apple no longer sell iPhones with headphones in France? It is related to the law. This required manufacturers to include a hands-free kit in the box. This bothered Apple and other manufacturers because they had to create a specific box for France in order to comply with the law. But there was a change at the end of 2021 with the law aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology in France and manufacturers are no longer obliged to include them. Apple has therefore made the decision not to continue.

Unsurprisingly, the price does not move. The iPhone 13 mini from Apple always starts at 809 euros. It starts at 909 euros for the iPhone 13, 1,159 euros for the iPhone 13 Pro and 1,259 euros for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. If you want the EarPods headphones, you have to buy them separately, they are available for 19 euros.

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